sitting at work and thinking about that fucked up night before, all that shit that was said to me didn’t hurt my feeling…well i guess one comment did hurt me abit, being it was a comment about my mom, but what did i expect same shit different year, loyalty and disloyalty aren’t really a good mix, so i’m thkning i should stop playing this game we’re having at go right to game over. but i still forgive what was said, but that was a new low i heard …GOODNIGHT 

August 11, 2014

Yelawolf – Firestarter

Goodnight it is. i guess i should leave my page like this now.
took awhile to make it, now i shall go for a smoke, do rounds
and slap on something to watch after all i got 5 hours to kill.
sucks that my sis will be leaving sometime today
now i gotta take care of the household while she’s gone
i wish my mom wasn’t sick, cause i miss her everyday
since she’s been gone which is too fuckin long if you ask me.
but yeah that’s about it for tonight, so to you i say goodnight
thoughts and prayers to everyone and to my mom.
get well soon mom, and stay strong much love :(

August 9, 2014

The Wallflowers – One Headlight

Sitting at work still for another hour and 30 minutes
nothing much going on here, other than being bored,
and it being so quiet but then again that’s good, none of
these young thunder cats causing a disturbance.
one quarter of the day gone so far, i guess today is gonna be
SameShitDifferentDay for me, but i need money LOL
as i’m reading what i’m typing makes me giggle at myself
just thought i’d try to sharpen my knet updating skills
well i should go out for a smoke and do my rounds while i’m at it.
after all that’s what i’m supposed to be doing, Facebook tush after that :P